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Protecting Our Retirement
1199SEIU retirees have devoted their lives to building our union and providing the best care to patients, and so we need to make sure pensions, health benefits and Social Security are protected.

In order to keep our pension and retiree health benefits strong, we need to make sure there must be full funding for hospitals, nursing home and homecare programs. But New York State is facing a $9 billion budget deficit, and politicians are proposing drastic cuts to healthcare. On a national scale, politicians are pushing to slash Social Security and Medicare. Wall Street, big banks and corporate CEOs have too much power in this country, and the voices of retirees and working families are being drowned out.

Officers of Retired Members Division (left to right) VP Vicky Owens, Pres. Lena Hayes, Exec VP Gwendoyn Dennis and Recording Secretary Alma Pendleton

Fighting back with a united voice
The only way to protect retiree benefits is by once again becoming an active member of our union. 1199 is at the forefront of building a powerful movement of retirees and working people, strong enough to put this country back on the right track. In order to make sure this vital movement succeeds, we are asking all our retirees to contribute at least $5 in dues and $5 to our political action fund per month.

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What do dues and political action contributions pay for?

Your dues pay for important costs such as mobilizing members to protect pensions and retiree health benefits in our contracts. Your political contributions go towards protecting healthcare funding, Social Security, and Medicare, including: bringing retirees to speak to legislators in Albany and Washington, D.C.; electing leaders that stand up for healthcare funding; and TV ads that educate the public about the importance of retiree benefits.

Our Retired Members Division keeps you learning & connected

1199 retirees have access to a broad range of classes, celebrations, trips and discounts. But our Retired Members Division is only as vibrant as the members who participate, so be sure to get involved! » See Our Calendar

“When I was campaigning for Obama in Indiana, I saw seniors living in dire poverty. Many of them didn’t have any teeth, because they had no retirement and the state doesn’t cover denture care. As 1199 retirees, we sometimes take our pension and health benefits for granted. But everything we have, we had to fight for, and we need to keep fighting to protect it.” Victoria Owens, former rehab aide/EKG tech at Fieldston Lodge nursing home and Vice President of the Retiree Division, 34 years of service.

A Dead End for Seniors

Congressman Paul Ryan has recently been appointed Chairman of the Budget Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the United States government. He has created what he calls the “Roadmap for America’s Future”, which many people are calling the beginning of the end for Social Security and Medicare. The only way to fight back against politicians like Congressman Ryan is by becoming active in 1199 today.

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