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With over 70,000 home attendants, house keepers and home health aides, the Homecare Division is the largest single division—and the fastest growing—in 1199SEIU. As the healthcare industry restructures itself away from acute care in hospitals and toward ambulatory care, home health care is also the fastest growing sector of the industry.

Nearly all 1199SEIU homecare members are in New York City and the northern suburbs of Westchester County. But wherever they may be, homecare workers, who deliver devoted care to our frail elderly and infirm in the homes, are in need of a Union that can fight together for a better life. Mostly underpaid and without healthcare benefits, vacations or sick time, homecare workers are looking to join our Union.

Many homecare workers are immigrants from other countries speaking languages other than English. As is the case throughout our Union, our Officers and Organizers in the Homecare Division primarily rose through the ranks of 1199 to become fulltime staff members. They too speak the many languages of the members.

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